What does Woosh do?

Woosh serves restaurants of any size with our powerful software suite, crafted to streamline operations, supercharge efficiency, and slash costs for businesses of all scales.

What types of software modules does Woosh offer?

Point of Sale, Online and Table/QR Ordering, SMS & Email Marketing, Staff Attendance and Scheduling, End-to-End Inventory, Uber Eats Integration, Xero Integration plus many more! All of these modules are part of the Woosh Ecosystem, not a third party.

Can Woosh be customized to suit specific business needs?

Indeed, Woosh is supremely adaptable, ready to tailor to the distinct needs of any business.

How can Woosh benefit my business?

Woosh ignites your business by slashing technology costs by keeping all of your business needs in a one-stop-shop system. Whether it be; Point of Sale, Inventory, Scheduling, SMS/Email Marketing and beyond! No more third party additional fees! Save with us!

What kind of support and maintenance does Woosh provide?

24-hour help desk support via instant WhatsApp chat, you talk to a Real person.

Can Woosh integrate with existing systems or platforms?

Yes, Woosh can work with other third parties but why do that when you can have everything you need in one system.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs associated with Woosh?

Absolutely not. Come talk to us!

How can I get started with Woosh?

Get in touch with us, https://wooshfood.com/contact-us/ and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What sets Woosh apart from other food companies?

Woosh offers the BEST - ‘price beat guarantee’.

What makes Woosh's No-Cost EFTPOS Solution unique for restaurants?

Our zero-cost solution eliminates EFTPOS fees, allowing restaurants to enhance financial performance without compromising on service.

Does Woosh's EFTPOS software work with the restaurant management systems I already have?

Definitely! Our restaurant management software is designed to work in harmony with several systems by means of seamless integration.

How does the Zero-Cost EFTPOS Solution contribute to reducing operational costs?

Restaurant owners may use the money saved by doing away with EFTPOS fees to improve other areas of their businesses.

What distinguishes Woosh's EFTPOS System from other products on the market?

Because our EFTPOS system is made especially for restaurants, it offers a customized solution that satisfies the particular needs of the sector.

Is it possible to use Woosh's EFTPOS Solution in a restaurant with several locations?

Definitely! For your convenience, our scalable systems provide multi-outlet and central store functionality.