Your ultimate end-to-end restaurant management solution 

For all food and beverage businesses, from small kiosks to large enterprise.

Woosh is your digital access to the competitive edge.

The Woosh Benefits

Woosh provides integrated and seamless customer service and restaurant management tools to transform the growth of your restaurant.

Reduced costs and increased revenue.

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Customer self-ordering increases spend by 20-30% and reduces or redeploys labour

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Capture customer data to enable targeted direct digital marketing- high returns on advertising spend via email or SMS- estimated 10-15% revenue increases due to customer engagement

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Integration to delivery aggregators streamlines order entries to POS, kitchen, inventory and reports- saves service and kitchen labour

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15% savings on raw ingredients cost though reduced spoilage and menu management control. Plus 5% savings in quotation accuracy, inventory and asset procurement


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Restaurant Management

• Point of Sale software

• Kitchen video screens software

• Kitchen printer software

• Automatic transfer of orders to kitchen

• Reservations & bookings

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• Loyalty/Marketing Platform

• Email & SMS messaging

• Customer Feedback/Surveys

• Gift cards

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Human Resources

• Staff rostering

• Staff timesheets

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Inventory Management

• Automatic stock level adjustment 

• Purchase order creation

• Profit by item 

• Optimize your efficiency by streamlining traditional stock-taking processes. Our advanced inventory management not only saves you time but also ensures automatic adjustments to stock levels, facilitates seamless creation of purchase orders to vendors, and enhances profitability tracking on an item-by-item basis.

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• Custom restaurant reports  

• Sales by day part

• Stock management reports

Cost control reports, including by products and menu items

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• Multi-outlet/central store capability
•  Multi level authorisation levels
•  Digital signatures

Stay on track with strengthened organisational capabilities

Stay on track
with strengthened
organisational capabilities

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With Woosh, you have complete visibility into your restaurant operations in real-time. You choose between full range tools for an end-to-end solution that covers everything from customer management to financial reporting; or modular solutions for different aspects such as managing orders and inventory levels.

  • Unified all-in-one platform
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Convenient setup with plug & play
  • Streamline restaurant operations
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The Woosh platform has been successfully deployed across multiple restaurants in Australia, Singapore and India.


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