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Staying ahead in the fast-paced world of food and beverage businesses takes more than just culinary skills. It demands a streamlined and efficient restaurant management system. Welcome to Woosh, your ultimate end-to-end solution for restaurant success.

Realise tangible results where you need them most.

Our dedicated range of business tools make meeting customer expectations in a tech driven environment accessible to all food and beverage businesses, no matter their size.

Leverage the Woosh platform and expand growth opportunities for your restaurant.

WooshFood | Why WooshFood

No locked-in contracts

WooshFood | Why WooshFood

Increase business growth

Strengthen service capacity and boost sales with flexible food ordering that meet customers' needs - from online, to pre-order, to delivery.

WooshFood | Why WooshFood

Optimise operations

Manage inventory with greater efficiency and position employees where they are needed most. Resolve barriers to expedient delivery choices with a centralised delivery services resource.

WooshFood | Why WooshFood

Enhance customer satisfaction

Reduce customer wait-times, increase order accuracy, deliver intuitive self-ordering, and fuel loyalty with rewards.

Maximise the transformation of restaurant businesses of any type or size.

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What our customers say

Linh Đoàn 
Harvest HQ Brisbane  

My previous POS system malfunctioned, leaving me stranded without a solution. I contacted Dave at Woosh, who promptly posed some fundamental inquiries. Within just two days, I engaged with their backend team, furnishing them with all the necessary details. Shortly after, Matt arrived at my business location and efficiently set everything up within an hour.

I enthusiastically endorse the Woosh team for their professionalism, swift service, and competitive pricing for their product.


Ruofan Yang


We have been using Woosh for a while now, and we couldn't be happier with the service. We know your salesperson Mark, who has always been incredibly helpful and professional. Woosh has significantly streamlined our ordering system, making it much easier and more efficient. The customer service is excellent, consistently responsive, and supportive. Highly recommend!


Onit Burgers

We've experienced a consistent 18% uptick in sales, accompanied by operational efficiencies resulting in an average monthly profit increase of over $6000 after just 8 weeks.

Despite the opening of a Grill’d location just 400 meters away in a prime spot, our sales remained unaffected – we experienced zero impact.

Furthermore, within 12 weeks, we successfully implemented a loyalty program, witnessing growth from zero members to over 3000. This initiative not only halved our marketing expenses but also enhanced our return on advertising investment through targeted direct marketing efforts.

Our POS software, alongside the inventory management system and scheduling tools, has proven to be exceptional, providing us with top-notch functionality at an excellent price point.

Andy Cooper

VK Espresso

Hey there, just had to give a huge shoutout to Wooshfood POS! When VK Espresso was in a jam and needed a setup fast, Wooshfood came through for us. Their team was super on it, keeping us in the loop every step of the way with total professionalism.

Their quick work seriously surprised us. They didn't just give us any old system – they tailored it perfectly to our needs. They took care of the entire onboarding process for us. From loading up all our data to making sure everything worked like a charm, they handled it all.

We're seriously impressed and can't recommend WooshFood enough. Big thanks to the WooshFood crew for making the whole process stress-free and a smooth transition!

WooshFood | Why WooshFood


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Woosh gives you reimagined access to realise viable opportunities for growth.

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we can help your restaurant forge ahead!

Get in touch and discover more about how we can help your restaurant forge ahead!

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