The digital solution designed for restaurant success.

Pushing the evolution of food and beverage experiences

WooshFood is your digital access to the competitive edge.

You don’t have to figure out how the best of the best gets it done.

We've put the mastery of the world's most successful fast-food franchise into one platform so you can get the benefits.

Gain efficiency with integrated experiences and seamless customer service and transform the growth of your restaurant.

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Table Reservation

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Personalised customer interaction

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Inventory Management

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Marketing and communication

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Workflow management and optimisation


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Digital Menus

Enhance the customer ordering experience with visual, interactive digital menus personalised for each user.

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Payment Gateway

Customers enjoy convenient online payment methods - contactless and cash-free. Pay with Debit cards, Credit cards, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and digital Wallets.

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Delivery Fleet Solution

Gain the benefits of enhanced service offerings through access to our network of leading delivery service providers.

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POS + Kitchen Video Display System SaaS

Increase efficiency across your entire restaurant operation with integrated cloud technology. Keep up with customer orders and inventory management and optimize your business performance.

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Offers Module

Generate customer loyalty and gain improved customer retention with promocodes for special offers.

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Loyalty & Feedback

Maintain customer loyalty with a rewards program and perks. Address concerns and gain true insight with direct customer feedback.

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Marketing Tools

Personalise direct communication with customers via customised marketing messaging and built-in CRM capabilities.

Stay on track with strengthened organisational capabilities

Stay on track
with strengthened
organisational capabilities

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With WooshFood, you have complete visibility into your restaurant operations in real-time. You choose between full range tools for an end-to-end solution that covers everything from customer management to financial reporting; or modular solutions for different aspects such as managing orders and inventory levels.

  • Unified all-in-one platform
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Convenient setup with plug & play
  • Streamline restaurant operations
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The Woosh platform has been successfully deployed across multiple restaurants in Australia and India.


Adopted the end-to-end solution of the Woosh platform.

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Total sales

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Increased orders

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Increased orders


Monthly Profit Increase


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