All the features to supercharge your restaurant

Seamless end-to-end management

WooshFood is a comprehensive restaurant management solution designed to streamline and simplify every aspect of running a successful food business.

From our online ordering system and table ordering, to pick up, delivery and Woosh Kerbside, WooshFood has everything you need to keep your restaurant running with precision.

Table Ordering

The QR code will allow customers to access your menus without having any contact with staff, making it easier for you and more efficient!

Pick Up

By giving your customers the option to order ahead, you can reduce crowding at your store and give them a better ordering experience.


Reduce dependency on delivery aggregators and own your customer data. You can use your own staff or any of the integrated 3rd party delivery service providers.

Woosh Kerbside

Your customers can pre-order from home or work, arrive, park, identify park location, remain their car. They enjoy delivery by your staff. Great for parents with kids or busy people on the go.

Take advantage of a suite of features that helps restaurant owners redefine their entire business

Direct the core of your restaurant operations with the user-friendly WooshFood web app. Keep processes organised with a dashboard interface for easy navigation.

Gain insights into the right staffing solutions. Streamline employee scheduling and manage payroll.

Oversee restaurant inventory management. Monitor and coordinate payments and accounting.

Stay in the loop - access real-time analytics with our platform. WooshFood lets you keep track of performance so you can make strategic data-driven decisions that enhance the inner workings of your restaurant.

Stay on top of important details and events with convenient task management tools.

Deliver a memorable and hassle-free dining experience

Digital Menus

Enhance the customer ordering experience with visual, interactive digital menus personalised for each user.

Payment Gateway

Customers enjoy convenient online payment methods - contactless and cash-free. Pay with Debit cards, Credit cards, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and digital Wallets.

Delivery Fleet Solution

Gain the benefits of enhanced service offerings through access to our network of leading delivery service providers.

POS + Kitchen Video Display System SaaS

Increase efficiency across your entire restaurant operation with integrated cloud technology. Keep up with customer orders and inventory management and optimize your business performance.

Offers Module

Generate customer loyalty and gain improved customer retention with promocodes for special offers.

Loyalty & Feedback

Maintain customer loyalty with a rewards program and perks. Address concerns and gain true insight with direct customer feedback.

Marketing Tools

Personalise direct communication with customers via customised marketing messaging and built-in CRM capabilities.

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Why Should You Choose WooshFood?


Restaurant Management

• Point of Sale software

• Kitchen video screens software

• Kitchen printer software

• Automatic transfer of orders to kitchen

• Reservations & bookings



• Loyalty/Marketing Platform

• Social Media Integration

• Email & SMS messaging

• Customer Feedback/Surveys

• Referral programs

• Dashboard Analytics Reporting

• Gift cards

Human Resources

• Staff rostering

• Staff timesheets

Inventory Management

• Automatic stock level adjustment 

• Purchase order creation

• Profit by item


• Custom restaurant reports  

• Sales by day part

• Stock management reports

Cost control reports, including by products and menu items


• Multi-outlet/central store capability
•  Multi level authorisation levels
•  Digital signatures

Marketing Tools

Customer analytics

SMS campaign

Email marketing

Social Media marketing

Automated customer engagement

Loyalty program

Customer surveys